Beets n Roots

A vibrant Juicery & Organic eatery.


    Beets 'n Roots is an organic cafe on Cotham Hill serving delicious, freshly prepared food and cold-pressed juices, elixirs and warming brews. You'll be trying out their high vitality food and drinks, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, checking out their cafe and if weather permits, their sundeck outside.


    Taking inspiration from owner Rebecca's travels and mindful retreats across America, Africa and Asia, the Beets 'n Roots menu is packed with an abundance of amazing vegetarian, plant based, raw and vibrant choices with a strong focus on harmonious, eclectic flavour enough to tingle anyone’s tastes buds!


    Beets ’n Roots are passionate about serving high quality real food, completely free from preservatives, additives, MSG, GMOs, refined sugar and refined salt. They use high-value organic products to prepare our drinks and dishes fresh every day. All fruits, vegetables and herbs, beans and lentils are sourced from organic local suppliers and we make our whole menu from scratch, including their own tantalising sauces and gut nourishing kefir – so they know exactly what’s gone into it!


    Beets n' Roots are looking for 4 Brand Ambassadors to represent their business moving forward. To ensure they are working with individuals who are genuinely passionate about the brand and their offering, they ask that your content goes above and beyond just capturing the food on your plate.


    Beets n Roots have a deep connection with music, being closely linked with Jethro Sheeran, along with creating a vibe that deeply linked with Bristol, featuring artwork and graffiti from some of Bristol's top artists. Beets n' Roots is not just a vitality bar. It's a lifestyle venue that encompasses everything about positive eating and thinking, which is what they ask is reflected in your content.


    Beets n Roots will provide all applicants £10 worth of food & drink as part of creating your content.


    In return, Beets n Roots ask that when you visit you do the following as a minimum requirement:


    • Instagram Story
    • 4 carousel photos uploaded to your feed
    • Check-In on Facebook




    Be sure to use the following:




    Ambassadors will be picked toward the end of October. If successful you will receive a VIP bracelet that will give you access to anywhere from 25%-100% off every time you visit. % off will depend on what tier of Brand Ambassador you are selected for.


    Beets n Roots are also expanding their presence Internationally, with a Wellness Retreat Centre opening up in Morocco, meaning you may have the opportunity to be involved in future Campaigns related to their new venture.


    Good luck, and we look forward to viewing your content.