HB Bloggers: Health & Wellness Lunch

Inspire people to make a positive change. Connect with like-minded people.


    Join @hannabfitness @camilladempster and @hbloggerscom.bristol for brunch, networking and giving us your feedback of what you want more of for future @hbloggercom events.


    A strong community and network of health and wellness influencers is more important than ever. Get to know more people local to you in your area, share ideas and inspiration over a 3 course brunch. #youhadmeatbrunch


    The HBC is a mastermind group A coming together of hundreds of like-minded people to help one another achieve common goals and grow. We aren’t an agency: we are a community. The Health Bloggers Community is the perfect gathering for small and big bloggers alike. As long as you can prove you have a blog / Instagram account, and are passionate about health and wellness, you’ll always be welcome in our community.


    What you'll gain from HBCxBristol:

    • 3-course lunch with coffee
    • Providing your input into our future events networking (well let's call it making friends)
    • Exclusive access and discounts for our future events
    • Giggles


    About the HBC

    Learn how to make the most of social influence. Inspire people to make a positive change. Connect with like-minded people and discover brands who share your passion. Est. 2014


    Find out more here - https://www.healthbloggerscommunity.com


    About Hanna & Cam

    Hanna & Cam make up the HBCxBristol Ambassador team https://www.healthbloggerscommunity.com/for-bloggers/


    Female fitness & nutrition coach Hanna who loves food, Harvey her adorable pooch and teaching women how to be strong both inside and out. Her fitness competitor background gives her an edge over the average trainer and she works with women to facilitate their transformations. You can find her on the gram https://www.instagram.com/hannabfitness/


    Self respect & moderation advocate Cam believes in #moderation247. She teaches women to ditch the binge/restrict/guilt cycle with a dreamy concoction of movement, food, pain management and life coaching. You can find out more at www.nlperform.com and connect via the gram @camilladempster


    Who is this brunch for?

    • Bloggers who want to develop Bristol community
    • Influencers who want to increase their visibility
    • Aspiring bloggers and influencers who are contemplating making the jump to social
    • Anyone who loves health & wellness

    About The Venue

    The Crazy Fox is a relaxed, comfortable and creative space to work in or chill with friends. Crazy good coffee, crazy good food so healthy you wont want o go home.


    Your Brunch set menu:


    Brekkie Buddha Bowl - A choice of a banana and peanut butter smoothie base or mixed berries topped with fresh fruit, seeds, and nuts.


    Crazy Fox Brunch - Spiced chickpeas, fresh tomatoes, coriander, and cumin served on sourdough toast. Handmade cauliflower hash browns with a hint of paprika and baked eggs served with sliced ham and aioli. *Vegan Option: sesame seed tofu with carrot bacon


    Fruit Waffles - Gluten-free and vegan waffles with homemade apple compote, coconut yogurt, and honey


    Peruvian Filter Coffee - sourced from a small farm in Peru and roasted locally in Bristol


    We look forward to brunching with you.

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