Influencer Event – Dangun

26th July, 7pm


    26th July

    7pm - 9:30pm


    Dangun would love to invite you to an exclusive Socialight event, where they will treat you to a night of kimchi making, tasting and learning, followed by a 2-course meal where you will indulge in classic 'banchan' (tapas of the Asian cuisine), tasty sides and a main course to top it all off.


    You will be welcomed with Dangun's spin on a classic, Bloody Mary. Expect this time, it is made with authentic Asian ingredients, giving you a unique taste of Korea. You will then have a kimchi masterclass, demonstrating how it is made and what makes it so popular in Asia. You'll even be able to taste some that Dangun have had brewing days in advance. During your meal, you will be offered the opportunity to taste a classic Korean shot, known as Soju, which is actually bigger and more popular globally than Vodka!


    There will be options to suit all attending, as they will offer a vegetarian option, along with non-alcoholic beverages for those who would prefer not to drink.


    In return, Dangun asks you to document your evening via an Instagram story, upload content on to your feed and, where possible, supported by a blog piece a few days after.


    The event is open to 12 spaces only, and those attending will be selected by Dangun based on who they feel fits the brand best.


    We hope to see you there!

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