The Hobgoblin

Cooking up obscenely large portions of some of the best ‘dude food’ in Bristol.


    The Hobgoblin is an unassuming little boozer about a quarter of the way up Gloucester Road. From the outside, it looks like any old watering hole – but don’t be fooled: these guys are cooking up obscenely large portions of some of the best ‘dude food’ in the South West.

    Menu changes are fairly common, but the staples are what this place has become known for – stacked burgers, dirty fries, crunchy wings and a little Tex Mex to boot. From the Naked Burger (a modest £6.95) to the more than ample Triple Bypass (£16.95), the burgers are scaled to suit both your wallet and appetite, and are sandwiched in sourdough buns and flanked by either ’slaw or seasoned fries. Meanwhile, the Dirty, Dirty Fries (£9 per portion) contain enough potato, cheese, coriander mayo and pulled pork to nourish a five-a-side team.

    And their pièce de résistance? The Kraken – a Triple Bypass burger, a portion of Dirty, Dirty Fries, 12 very hot hot wings, as well as ’slaw, pickles and sauces, all for £25. You must sign a disclaimer, and if you eat it in an hour you win a T-shirt, get your picture on the wall, and earn the admiration of all in the pub. Volume is definitely king here, but it’s all top quality, and will have you coming back to try to topple this beast again and again.