Application: Aloha ’65

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All successful applications will allow for free Aloha ’65 to be delivered for you and your friends.

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Aloha ’65 is happy to provide all collaborations free bottles of Aloha to stock you up before a big night out. You could say, the night will be on Aloha. We will have them delivered to your front door for you to enjoy, along with some tips as to how to best enjoy the drink to make sure you get the most out of it’s incredible, fresh fruit taste!

If you take the calmer approach to life, not to worry, with the summer coming round we appreciate some relaxed mid-week drinks might be more your thing, so we will happily provide you some bottles for you to sip on in the sun, even if you’re not looking for a big one!

In return, Aloha ’65 ask that when you visit you publish an Instagram story, along with a carousel of photos of the drink and your night out. An ideal influencer will also support this with a blog post, however, it’s not an essential part of the collaboration.


Be sure to use the following:

#SocialightPartner (this can be used as a replacement for #ad)

We hope to collaborate with you soon!!