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We Help Businesses...

Socialight helps businesses & brands streamline the process of finding and working with influencers. Our nifty platform does all the work for you, allowing influencers to find and apply to work with you and your campaign. Once you've got your applications, simply pick the ones you'd like to work with!

We Help Influencers...

Socialight helps influencers not only discover great brands to work with, but our nifty platform lets influencers apply to collaborate with the brand as well. Navigate your way through Socialight to find a great bar, a restaurant or fashion brand. When you've found one you like the look of, simply apply to collaborate with them!

Our story

Socialight was founded in September of 2017. Born from the realisation between two friends that the World was embracing influencers at an alarmingly fast rate, but there wasn’t really anything on the market that could facilitate brands and the influencers themselves proactively discovering one another to come together and enjoy the process of working with one another.

Iain McFarnon, with an 8 year background in Sales & Marketing, tied with Nicolo Licata, a background in web design and owning local restaurants for nearly 10 years, put their experiences together to found Socialight.

With their personal experiences and the pair being Bristol born and bred, there was a level of understanding of how to work with fast paced, vibrant businesses, that encouraged Socialight to be different. Working with incredible local businesses, could be more meaningful and useful than working with large, International brands. A local restaurant or fashion store is in just as much need of effective marketing as the household named brands, right? Thus, the tagline, ‘Local Businesses Local Influencers’ was created. 

Socialight’s goal is to facilitate working with businesses that have a local presence within a community, and to provide influencers the ability to work with the businesses they love that are local to them.  

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