The ultimate guide to be a Successful Digital Influencer

It’s almost mid-2019 and researches confirm that the Digital Influencer Market in 2020 is going to be savage!

The popularity of influencer marketing on Instagram is increasing at such a fast pace that the global market grew from 1.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 to become nearly twice that amount by 2020. Crazy isn’t it?

Socialight app prepared a summary on last Sunday’s workshop at The Bristol Harbour Hotel to help you understand how to overcome the challenges ahead of us.

With the help of Nicole Serrao, a Bristol-based digital influencer from Canada, we managed to nail down extremely important points on how to reach success in the influencer world.

Let’s face it: The Influencer universe is becoming bigger and better.⁣

Extremely talented content creators are showing up every single day, big engagement rates are becoming really hard to reach and the Instagram algorithm is trying to take us all down 😩⁣

Last Sunday, to the tune of delicious cocktail-making and amazing canapés, Me (Rafaella Ponce) and Nicole Serrao had a frank conversation with around 17 Digital Influencers and the biggest question was:

Why are you an influencer?

What is it that you do that makes you stand out?

After discussing, taking notes and doing some self-evaluating. All the incredible Influencers present at the workshop ended up learning about Character: being authentic and unapologetic you is your power! The ability to not negotiate who you are, and staying true to yourself is the main key to open the doors of success!

What about Content? What are the most important elements that will make your content engaging?

Content is definitely the next most important step to make sure your followers are engaging with you. To reach that, you should consider these points below:

  • Image quality

Being yourself is the key, bout how will you present yourself should be always with the best quality you can get, and that’s why Image quality is so important. 

  • Captions

Once you figure out who you are and what you want to share with your audience, always make sure to  translate that passion to your writing in the most engaging way as possible !

  • Varied media

Varying your content to keep people curious and engaging, is so important! Maybe you could Start with making IGTV videos, or use different apps to create catchy stories,  what about a slow motion?

Whatever your creative mind thinks, let it flow! The sky is your limit!

So now that we have a fully knowledge about building our own character. We learned the importance of quality over captions and photos, we also learned to have a creative mind to vary the content we create but how can we make sure people see us? After giving such a huge effort to being incredible at what we do, how can we show off ourselves ?

How can your Social Media be seen?

Now that you are an incredible digital influencer and content creator, how can your Social Media be seen?

Marketing is the key!

Having a presence on instagram is extremely important, but what about all the other digital platforms? Are you giving importance to the other platforms ? Remember to always Diversify! It could be Pinterest, Facebook, Linked in and Youtube! Make sure you are out there!

But ok, with so little time , how can you manage all that?

The word Syndication came up at the workshop as a concept that should help us create content smartly. Have a plan, think and organise your content. 

Create a big piece of content, for instance, an IGTV video and then divide them over all the platforms! With a big piece of video you could write a blog, you could make small videos for Instagram, you could create a discussion about it on Facebook and also use it for your professional profile on LinkedIn. Of course you would have to change the narrative according to each platform language, but that would be an organic and incredible way to market yourself!

The messages were very clear: 




If you put in  practise these 3 key points, you’ll reach success! 


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