What to expect when your accepted to influencer campaigns

So you’ve been accepted to take part in a collaboration? Congrats!

While we always want to make sure you have as much creative freedom as possible, we also wanted to talk you through what to expect after you get the first initial email for any collab.

Shortly after you’ve received the email saying you have been accepted to take part, our brand coordinator, Emily, will email you with the campaign guidelines and other details like who to ask for at the restaurant/ bar/ business and confirm the time and place with you.

In the campaign guidelines, there is pretty much all the information you will need to carry out the collaboration. There are details about the background of the brand, and a bit of context as well ie where they get inspiration from etc. There will also be ‘campaign goals’ and a ‘campaign Rules’ section in each pack. Please make sure you read both carefully! The ‘campaign goals’ often has some information the brand would really like you to include in your post(s) and the ‘campaign rules’ lays everything out concerning how many photos they would like you to post, and the time frame in which they would like it up, while also including the hashtags and profiles to tag- all the nitty-gritty bits.

Throughout the pack you will also find plenty of photos that really encompass what the brand is about and are there for you to take inspiration from.

Be sure to tag us in any Instagram stories or posts, we love seeing all the amazing content you create and want to make sure we have a chance to repost it!


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